Mechanical Engineering

Use the established. Dare innovation.

With our extensive experience we develop machines, which are perfectly tailored to your requirements. The most modern technology combined with precise mechanics make sure that a great variety of operations can be automated efficiently.

Automated Welding- and Riveting Machine

Manufacturing task: 5 x spot welding, 1 x hole punching, insertion of 3 rivets, and orbital riveting

Transport Chain Welding Machine

Fully automated welding plant with servo-motor driven width adjustment for transport chains
Adjustable from 200 mm to 1000 mm. Output: Over 40 m per hour

NC Drilling Machine

Fully automated drilling installation for ball joint trunnions in different specifications
System with opto-electronic component measurement and recognition. Cycle time: approx. 14 seconds

Precision Welding Machine for Coupling Rods

Universal Manufacturing Cell - Spot- and Projection Welding